Thinking Of Investing? What You Need To Be Cautious Of

Investing is essentially one of the best ways to secure a sound financial future, making it easy to have money grow at a steady rate over several years. Although many assume that it’s easy to become wealthy just by investing, the practice takes several techniques and amount of knowledge to have the money grow successfully without too much loss.

Avoid Listening to the Financial Media

Many people turn to the news or financial advisors seen on TV to learn more about what to do with their investments, thinking that experts will freely give out information on trading advice. Instead, the media is not likely to hand out tips that will allow everyone to make a profit and be ahead of the game.

The media is also known for being dramatic, working to create extreme emotions between panic and excitement, causing inexperienced investors to make decisions based off of their emotions. Investors should know that even experts cannot always predict the future of the market and that it’s important to take all info from the media with a grain of salt.

Not Having a Plan

The easiest way to lose money or not attain as much of it through investing is by forgetting to create a plan. Goals should be established, as well as determining risks, and even diversification, which make be the slower route with investing, but will pay off in the long run, according to

Whether investing to grow a portfolio or to bring in an extra income, a plan should be intact with goals and even some loss anticipated.

Holding Onto Bad Stock

It can be easy to remain hopeful when stock in a company begins to decline, but if the future of a company is uncertain, it’s best to sell immediately instead of having too much patience.

Forgetting About Taxes

With stocks costing as low as $10, it can be easy to forget about the taxes involved, which can take up to 35 percent of profits, meaning it’s crucial to have a larger goal for the gain. Mutual funds can also have load fees, making it important to make investments where there are not many fees and even eliminate all trading fees as much as possible.

Having Too Much Risk

It’s impossible to not lose a certain amount when investing, as it’s a part of the game and at times necessary when a larger gain will be attained in the future. Research different stocks and funds before making purchases, and only invest when something looks like it is guaranteed to be promising. An exit strategy should also be in place should the stock decline, making it easy to prevent a larger amount of loss and get out quickly.

According to, investments should be in many different pots in places that are moving in separate directions to avoid losing too much money. It’s important to diversify with different types of investments, between bonds to stocks, and even real estate.

Investing promises high payoffs with a bit of wisdom and experience, making it crucial to start off slow and have patience, with eggs in many different baskets to ensure there is not too much loss. Financial experts recommend staying current with the trends and not gaining an ego to ensure success is attained.

Sarah is a financial guru and has a masters in finance and has set up and run several finance businesses. Sarah recommends Drummond Bookkeeping & Accountancy Services LLP.

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