The World’s Weirdest Insurance Claims

weirdest-insuranceWhen you sort out a new insurance policy you will hope that it is something you never have to claim on. After all, when you claim on a policy it is because something has gone wrong and this can be a harrowing and stressful time for anyone.

This kind of cover is designed to put your mind at ease to ensure that no matter happens, you won’t be left on your own. However, you have to admit that there are some very strange things which can happen to you and your belongings and which you can claim on, as we can see in the following examples.

Help! Teeth Overboard

A pensioner taking a cruise ship trip had good reason to be thankful for taking out travel insurance cover before he headed out to the open seas. Overcome by sea sickness, he leaned over the edge of the vessel and vomited into the water. Sadly, his false teeth were soon floating in a rather sickly pool beside the boat and he had to claim for them under the lost baggage section of his policy. I only hope that he was able to enjoy the ship’s meals for the rest of the journey and wasn’t restricted to just soup and ice cream.

I Can’t Seem to Get Any Signal in Here

A UK farmer had a cow which was due to give birth during the night. Nothing strange with that situation but the problems began when the farmer decided to use his iPhone as a torch while he helped the calving process along. In the heat of the action his phone disappeared inside the cow and when it popped out again a few days later it had stopped working for some strange reason. The current health of the cow is unknown.

Unlucky Buckets

A Delaware homeowner thought he had come up with a cunning place. In order to get a payout from his home and auto insurance policies he set fire to his belongings and invented what he obviously thought was a bulletproof story. He told the insurance company that the pots on his stove had caught fire, which was a believable enough start. However, he then said that some buckets of coal in the kitchen caught fire too. He dealt with this by throwing them away but unfortunately one of the lighted buckets somehow landed on the back seat of his car when he tripped, while another inexplicably fell on his sofa. He was convicted of attempted insurance fraud.

A Series of Small Fires

This may or may not be a true story. It certainly has been reported as such but it has a certain whiff of urban myth about it. Apparently a North Carolina lawyer thought that he could have his cake and eat it, or rather smoke his cigars and still have them. He insured a set of costly cigars against a number of perils, including fire. He then made his claim that they had all met their end in a “series of small fires”. Of course, the series of fires had occurred in a region very close to his smoke filled mouth and the insurance company weren’t happy to pay out. According to the story, he got his insurance payout but was convicted of insurance fraud and arson.

The Beach Camera

When you take out an insurance policy you might not realize that your children are one of the biggest hazards to keep an eye on. A couple who had got their video camera insured definitely now know that. On a family trip to the beach they let the little ones get hold of the camera and, well, it was never seen again. The little tykes buried it in the sand to stop it getting stolen but then couldn’t find it again.

Stuart Edge is a writer who is astonished at the weird and wonderful things that are claimed for. However, he believes that it shows that you should take out insurance in Pittsburgh or your local area to cover any possible and seemingly impossible outcomes.

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