Smart Investment Ideas For 2014 – Technology Stocks To Invest Your Dollars

2013 was a sizzling and lucrative year for the technology and the telecom stocks. Although they showed 20% growth, yet they promise to show better improvement in 2014. Internet stocks, on the other hand, soared higher than all other technology stocks. PowerShares Nasdaq Internet Portfolio or PNQI that holds stocks of Google, Facebook and Amazon grew up y 65% in 2013. As there are no crystal ball predictions regarding the stock market, every year it has been noted that the investment advisors and managers put in an effort to find out about some of the best investment ideas for the approaching year. Listed below are some technology stocks that you can invest in 2014.

  • ROVI Corp: Rovi is a global leader in technological solutions that power the delivery, display, discovery and monetization of digital entertainment. The company usually serves cable, telecommunications, satellite, internet service providers, consumer electronics manufacturers and other entertainment distributions. Companies include Google, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Verizon, Toshiba and many more. The desire of the company to attain appropriate value on potential licensing contracts is the right decision. Hence, this can certainly be one of the technology stocks that you can invest in order to stay on track of your finances.
  • CISCO (CSCO): There’s one sector that is inadvertently expensive yet attractive is the mega-cap IT companies. They usually sell for low multiples of earnings/cash flow. They even represent relatively high current shareholder rewards. These firs were used to be thought as a growth of company but not any longer. Although they have shown lacklustre growth in the last couple of years, yet they’re one of the most worthy tech stock companies that you can invest your dollars in.
  • IBM: IBM is yet another company that sells at a discount of 30% to the S&P 500. The free cash flow yield of IBM is 9% and there’s a dividend plus share buyback yield of more than 7%. The product cycle of IBM is long enough and it benefits from the blue-chip balance sheet. Historically, it has enjoyed profit margins in the mid-teens and returns of about 20% of the invested capital. 86% of the revenues are derived from different value-added service and other software solutions.
  • Ballantyne Strong (BTN): BTN has tons of cash, thanks to the sales of digital equipment to movie theatres that switched to different standards. This is now largely played out as they blew cash on a diworsification acquisition. BTN made a great accretive purchase and also an operating profile that is adjacent to BTN’s network support center that serves some of the digital centers.

Hence, if you’re an investor who is looking forward to investing your money in some technology stocks, you can certainly take into account the above mentioned stocks. However, make sure you are aware of the position and future of a company before investing your money. If needed, you can get help of an investment advisor who can help you stay on top of your finances and make the right investment decisions.

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