Saving Money With Your Buddies

Saving money is hard, Payday Loans may be the answer to your money troubles! Alternatively you could get a gang of like-minded buddies together to save money and it becomes much easier. Friends can help friends save.

The first place you and your friends can save money together is entertainment. The easiest way to do this is look at what you like to do now and then just find a way to do it cheaper. If happy hour and after work pub crawls are your thing, take turns having one another over. Clean up your place the night before and stock your fridge with a couple of six packs. Some beers cost as much as a whole six pack when you buy them at a pub. Same goes for wine. You will see huge savings on a bottle from the shops. If snacks are a big part of your happy hour, pick up some frozen appetizers and pop them in the oven when you get there. There might be clean up afterwards, but you will feel better knowing you saved money and next week it is someone else’s turn.

If hitting the shops is your form of entertainment, you can still save money. Seek out a new thrift store each week or look up some consignment shops. See which one of you can find the best vintage piece for the least amount of money. Shopping this way allows you to have your cake and eat it, too.

If fine dining is your entertainment of choice, there is a great way to save. Have each person host a party where each guest brings something they prepared themselves. Turn your selves into gourmet cooks! An added bonus is that the refreshments will be much cheaper, too.

First run films can really eat up a lots of pounds. If you and your chums are movie buffs, try renting movies to watch in each other’s places. If you all split the cost of the rental you can save over 90% versus purchasing the movie ticket. Oh, and the popcorn will be significantly cheaper as well!

Besides entertainment there are other ways you and your friends can help each other save. Whenever you find yourself running to the shops to buy something other than food see if you can borrow it first. Need a carpet steamer? Maybe your friend has one. Need formal wear for an upcoming bash? If you have a friend who is not going, maybe they can help you out. This works well for job interviews, too. When you are job hunting it is better to borrow than to buy the suit. Spend the pounds on the wardrobe once you are actually earning them.

Finally exercise is a great way to save. Rather than dropping money on a fancy gym, see if you can motivate your buddies to walk or jog outside with you. Maybe you can rent a yoga DVD and all do it in someone’s flat rather than shelling out pounds for a class. If you do want professional instruction, look into splitting time with a trainer.

Friends are invaluable in so many ways, and if you can all get on the same page money, they will help you save, too.

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