Have More Money To Pay Off Debt

If you look at your debt and then work out how long it will take you to pay it off just by using each months salary, you are likely to feel quite down. The good news is that there are lots of ways to boost your income and you should be able to knock months if not years of the time.

Working overtime will be a good way to make more money as will getting a second job if it is at all feasible.   Selling things will be obvious and the bad news here is that as more and more people put their goods up for sale the value drops. There are online survey sites, cashback sites and competitions to enter but they will not bring in much more than an extra $100 or so a month. Cutting back is going to be the way to do it and there are some good ways to save money.

Careful With Cash or Crazy With Cards

Some savers will always advocate using cash as there is no way you can spend more than you have. There is the point that it is easy to buy on the card, but there is also cash-back with certain cards. It used to be just credit cards but now there are debit cards that in effect pay you to use them. Often you will buy something on impulse that is not good value. Not many people watch a film or read a book more than once or twice so why buy when you can rent for a lot less and if you use a library even borrow for free.

Shopping out of season will save a lot of money. Christmas goods are much cheaper in January and a winter coat will drop in price by May. Unless you really must have the latest style you can make some great savings this way.

Stick or Twist

Insurance and utilities can take up a large part of the monthly budget but there are ways to cut back. It is easy to shop around for cheaper insurance, but with other providers it is not so easy. Now there are companies such as BillCutterz that will carry out negotiations with providers and split the savings with you 50/50. You have nothing to lose as if there is no saving you just don’t pay.

Switching grocery shops can help you cut down especially if you manage to use coupons, but now you can save with much less hassle. By using Savingstar you can get discount on any items you pre-select online and the discount is automatically shifted to your store loyalty card.

Cutting Your Cloth

Too often we buy clothes because we like them and then realise we have nothing that matches them. So it is a wasted purchase or we need to buy something to wear it with. If you just buy things that match what you already have there will be a lot less bought and you won’t need to buy as much. You don’t have to miss out on style or fashion, just select clothes you know you will get your wear out of. The more you have the more you risk duplication.

It is not only clothes were costs can be duplicated. If you are paying for a landline as well as a mobile you could often be paying for something you don’t need. You only have one mouth so how many people can you talk to at once?

The Best Of the Rest

If you still need a bit more money then there are some other plans that will help, but it is likely you may be doing them already. You could drop a brand at the supermarket – some people have done this and then dropped another one a few months later and hardly noticed the difference. Try walking instead of driving or using public transport and there is a health benefit here as well. Don’t carry too much cash – the more you have the more you will spend and finally try piggy-banking. Just round your money down and put the extra either in an online savings account or a physical piggy bank. It’s surprising how quickly it adds up.

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