Obstacles To Face In 2014 – How To Get Out Of Debt As Soon As Possible

get out of debt
According to a survey by Trans-Union, around 48% of Americans are committing to at least one financial resolution in 2014. That being said, it is also seen that 37% of them did not reach their financial goals in 2013. Resolutions are hard to keep but easy to make. In fact, goals can be more achievable when you have a financial coach by your side. 2014 can be a tough year for all those who are not financially...

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Debt?

None of us are immune to the misery of financial problems and debt, particularly in these challenging times and even the most careful of people can be struck down by an unexpected disaster, causing their finances to spiral out of control.  But aside from rampant spending or an addiction to illegal substances, what else can cause the average person to sink into out of control debt?