5 Signs A Credit Repair Company Is Legit

When you are counting on a credit repair company to help rebuild or repair your damaged credit, you want to know that you can trust them to do a good job. There are plenty of credit repair companies out there to choose from, but how do you know which ones are legitimate, trustworthy businesses? There are a few signs you should look for in order to ensure you are signing up with a company that is ‘the real deal.’

Someone you trust recommends them

While it’s not a foolproof way to vet a credit repair company, it can be a useful indicator of whether or not they will work for you. Word of mouth endorsement is important for any business, but where your money and credit are concerned, they can also be a good way to tell if you should stay or walk away. If someone that you know and trust has had a good experience with the company and feels comfortable with them, then that is a good sign that they are legit.

However, the opposite may not apply in this case. Just because one person has a bad experience with a credit repair organization doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t on the up and up; it could simply indicate a bad customer service experience or a lack of proper communication on the customer’s part. In order to have success with a credit repair agency you must communicate effectively with them and provide all of your details accurately.

There’s no reports of scams or major complaints online

When you search online using the company name you shouldn’t see any seemingly valid complaints that the company is fraudulent or ‘scammy.’ Proper research should be done before you ever consider contacting a company for help, and if you have any questions about anything you see online don’t be afraid to call the company out on it. A reputable company will be able to either explain the poor ratings or provide examples of how they have actually helped other people repair their credit.

It has good reviews, but not all perfect ones

Consumer reviews are usually a pretty accurate indicator of the business you are looking at. Too many bad reviews, especially ones with similar, realistic complaints can mean that the business is not a legitimate one, or it is a very poorly operated one. Some complaints, especially minor ones, can be overlooked if they won’t affect the outcome of your credit repair process.

Too many positive reviews can actually be a negative thing; many times positive reviews are actually manufactured by the companies themselves to gain higher rankings in search engines. Glowing reviews with few or no complaints sadly can’t always be trusted because the ‘customers’ may not actually even exist. Positive but balanced reviews are a much better indicator that the business is likely to be a valid one.

Look for reliable rewards and recognition

Businesses who are the recipient of many rewards may look good, but some of those rewards may not be worth the ink that they are printed with. Take a close look at any rewards a company has received and see how they stack up; if they are from reputable, impartial organizations such as the American Customer Satisfaction Index then they are a good indicator that the company does what it says to keep customers happy.

Rewards may look great in print, but if a company hasn’t actually earned the reward by providing effective, exceptional service it’s not worth risking your money or your credit by using their services.

The company suggests that they can completely erase bad debt history

This is a common scam tactic that desperate consumers often fall for. You may want a quick, complete fix for your credit problems, but the truth is, it will take time and effort. Plus, no one can ever remove information from a credit report unless it is just inaccurate. Promises to do so are definitely a sign of scammers.

The bottom line when it comes to avoiding scam credit repair agencies is use your head; do plenty of research and trust your instincts. If a company sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Author of this article is Michael Bratton, PR Director and Marketing Manager of BCRC. You can check out his other articles at bestcreditrepaircompanys.com.

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