3 Tech Stocks To Invest In And That Could Perform Magic

According to what futurist Sir Arthur Clarke believed, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic and if that is really the case, there’s plenty of magic to be witnessed in today’s world of technology. Smartphones can now tell you jokes and machines can now tell you why they’re malfunctioning. As these small pieces of technology turn to extreme necessities, tech stocks turn out to be surprisingly magical, without any doubt. According to Ernie Williams, chief investment officer of USAA’s money-management division, tech stocks are indeed a great sector to invest your dollars in. In fact, it has got something for almost everyone. Whether you’re looking for steady dividends or wanting to place a bet on a superfast growing upstart business, opportunities abound. Have a look at the 3 tech stocks that are worth investing in.

  1. Apple: The current price of this tech stock is around $94.25 and its annual sales is $176.0 billion. Its estimated earnings growth was 11.2% in the fiscal year that ended in September, 2014; 8.9% in the year that will end in September, 2015, as according to financial experts and analysts. The demise of Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO and creative genius in the month of October, investors were set on an edge. When the profits of Apple slumped last year, Wall Street wondered that its worst expectations were being confirmed and soon Apple went for a tailspin. But with the new iPhone models that are out and still coming, more and more earnings and revenue are climbing again.
  1. Microsoft: The price of this tech stock currently is $42 and its annual sales is around $83.3 billion. The estimated earnings growth will be 6.5% in the fiscal year that will end in June, 2015 and will be 9.8% in the year that ends in June, 2016. Change has always been the constant thing for Microsoft shareholders. The stock price has climbed 15% since 4th February, when the company announced the replacement of CEO Steve Ballmer by Microsoft veteran Satya Nadella. Nadella, who previously ran the company’s cloud enterprise soon promised that under his leadership Microsoft will rejuvenate.
  1. Oracle: The current market price of this share is $42.66 and its annual sales is around $37.9 billion. The estimated earnings growth is 9.7% in the fiscal year that will end in May, 2015 and will be 8.4% in the year that ends in May 2016. Wall Street has always treated software giant Oracle (ORCL) as if it was perhaps bit too long in the tooth. It is although true that cloud-based competitors have gained steam on the 37 year old specialist in database management programs and the growth of Oracle turned and increased leaps and bounds. However, it might be too early to write about the future of Oracle now but you can rely on it when it comes to investing.

So, if you’re a tech stock investor, you can blindfoldedly invest in the above mentioned stocks in 2015 and also in 2016.

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